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Friendly AquaponicsSince 1986 aquaponics the systems of raising fish and planting vegetation has been recognized globally as an effective environment friendly way of doing business. The traditional farming of fish and plants done through hydroponics and aquaculture caused field discharges.

Aquaponics creates a natural filter which enables the growth of food free from pollution. The experiments on the systems were carried out by scientists to compare the outcome of traditional and aquaponics systems.

Scientists grew plants in two places, one of them containing nutrients rich water while the other one was filtered from those nutrients. The resultant plants that consumed nutrients from water were better in taste and texture than the others and the yield was also impressive.

Now-a-days, aquaponics business is becoming more and more popular resulting in a new industry. The activity can be undertaken for getting yield for home use of for commercial purposes. Friendly Aquaponics has been in business for five years, giving necessary knowledge and training to the people who are interested in starting their own business.

People are attracted to this line because of the reason that this is a very simple system to grow plants from fish waste as a fertilizer, resulting in a superior quality crop as compared to chemical fertilizers. So, if you have a hobby of fish farming or gardening, aquaponics systems will keep it simple for you.

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Aquaponics works with the help of natural combination of two systems, aquaculture or fish farming and hydroponics which is soil-less plantation.

The system is carried out in controlled conditions where plants get required nutrition from fish waste and by absorbing those materials which are harmful for fish; plants filter the water making it safe again for fish.

In this way, the two species take care of each other’s growth. So, doing this business you earn double from not only fish sales but also from harvesting the plants.  The space needed depends on the level of income you want to earn.

At minimum this system can be installed on a table top. On a wide commercial basis, you can expand it to thousands of square feet land. You can also have it in your backyard or basement.

Friendly Aquaponics are also providing equipment and setups for your business. In their five years’ experience, they have built hundreds of systems.

There are also many other companies in the business of providing material for aquaponics, but their kits are very costly. Moreover, the company also provides initial training to its buyers to commence production.

The company has many students all around the world who are getting on-line training from the institute. Many students are also doing internship with the company’s farms to train themselves as future trainers or businessmen.

The group commercial aquaponics training is also conducted twice a year in a purpose built campus.

Distant learning programs are also being carried out efficiently and booklets and tutorials can be downloaded from the official website after paying a subscription fee. You can easily start your own production and don’t have to quit your day job.

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